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     We are a small family located on the Big Island of Hawaii.  First and foremost, our dogs are our family, usually referred to as our "children".  They live with us and think that they are people like us.  For this reason, we don't like to refer to ourselves as a kennel at all.  It takes away from the family feel.

     Our story begins when we made the decision to get our first Bull Mastiff.  Dale, whose family raised Pitbulls his entire life, had considered himself to be a "devout Pitbull person".  A couple of years went by after the passing of a beloved male Pitbull he had when we got together left both of us with a void.  We had both grown tired of the negative publicity and problems associated with having a Pitbull as a family member.  Yet, as Dale puts it, he wanted a "Real" dog.  After encountering a few dogs of the various Mastiff breeds and doing some research, we decided on a Bull Mastiff.

    In January 2002, we welcomed our first Bull Mastiff, a male we named Conan, into our hearts and home.  He had us hook, line and sinker at first sight.  I cannot begin to describe what an incredible animal he was.

    In 2006, my maternal instincts kicked in again and I felt as though Conan needed a companion of good size besides just us humans.  After searching for just the right baby again, I found a perfect female English Mastiff puppy, who we named Jewel.  The two fell madly in love and were inseparable until his passing in 2012.

     Never will we be without the Mastiff breeds again because they are too much a part of who we are.  People who are fortunate to have been blessed with having Mastiffs in their lives know this is true.

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     We know the decision to expand your family with a giant breed baby such as an English Mastiff or Bull Mastiff is a huge commitment, no pun intended.  Our genuine love of these breeds is why we are dedicated  when we plan a breeding, to the goal of a perfect, one of a kind companion, best friend and family member you can ever find.  We want you to be completely satisfied and want you to have a puppy that makes you feel like we do about ours.  From our home to yours!

     Whether pet or show quality, the overall temperament, health and well-balanced puppy is our bottom line.

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Bull Mastiff Kula Hoku (Kula) & English Mastiff Nui Pua (Nui)  having together time

Bull Mastiff Punahele (Puna)

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