Liko is an amazing dog.  She is so much fun and wonderful with our children.  She loves to run around with our other dogs then come in the house and sneak up on the couch to take a nap.  It was such a good decision to have Liko join our family.  Once we decided to look into getting a Bull Mastiff, the process went really smooth when we started communicating with Dana and Dale.  They always kept us informed on the progress of the mom and let us know immediately when the puppies were born.  We would definitely get another puppy from them in the future.   ----- Dawn Aiona & family




I had a wonderful experience dealing with the Needhams while waiting for our puppy to be old enough to come home to us.  Dana sent me weekly pictures of our puppy, Xena.  Xena was only a few weeks old when I put my deposit down for her, so it was nice to receive pictures and be able to see her grow for the next 6 weeks, especially since we live on Maui and couldn't just go and see her.  Also, receiving pictures of Xena's siblings was pretty cool.  When it was finally time for our puppy girl to come home, Dana gave me the option of flying to Kona to pick up Xena myself or she would hop on the plane and bring Xena to us, which she did.  That was awesome!  I had a really great experience with Dana and would highly recommend anyone looking to add a mastiff to their family to give her a call.  Xena is the sweetest, most loving "little" girl, our family is finally complete. 

---- Scott Texeira and family








































































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